Garrow Firearms Development .17 HMR AR15

A roller-locked gas operated .17 HMR AR15 upper? You have my attention. Garrow Firearms Development is announcing the availability of a complete upper receiver group for the AR platform that allows for the use of all milspec triggers. At a reasonable $599 price point, semi auto .17 HMR is within reach.

I recently had the chance to experiment with suppressing the .17 HMR cartridge with the Bowers Group USS 22 from Silencer Shop. And I was pleasantly surprised – the hot little rimfire round obviously was supersonic, but the crack of the bullet was much farther forward of my shooting position in comparison to a supersonic .22LR. In my opinion, the Bowers USS is probably the quietest silencer for .17 HMR currently on the market.

Let’s take a look at the Garrow upper:

Garrow .17 HMR AR15 Upper Receiver Group – $599

The GFD AR 17 HMR fires…

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