Gear Review: LaRue Tactical MBT Trigger

When I became a regular shooter I became a trigger snob. Most of my trigger time was spent behind a Remington 700 in 17 fireball (the first and only wildcat I have owned), a well broken-in M14 and a Kimber Custom Grand Raptor. I’d shot plenty of other guns, but not regularly enough to have a keen trigger finger. I was for the most part ignorant to inferior triggers.

Jump ahead a year or so to my first AR15: a DPMS Panther 20” A2. Naturally I loved the rifle (it was my first AR after all). I named my AR Jean, after Eugene Stoner’s first wife. I know it’s super nerdy and I don’t care.

After the initial excitement wore off and I’d spent some time with the rifle I began to notice the horrible mil spec trigger. That standard trigger is definitely the weak link for most stock…

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