Gear Review: Safeguard Armor Protective Vest

I wore hard armor for most of my tours in combat. I liked my armor, and I trusted my hard plates. When I went through training to become a police officer, I was given soft armor, pistol rated only. Given the likely threat, this seemed reasonable. By the time I had completed my training and got my issued gear, wearing soft armor over a t-shirt and under my duty uniform was second nature . . .

When RF asked me to review the Safeguard Hybrid Protective Vest, I figured it would be a straightforward chance to give another cut of a vest a try.

The first part of my test was simple enough. I wore it on an oddly hot Texas March day during Tactical Fitness’ Tavor Operator’s Course. The armor occasionally slid up my neck a bit, the same as my duty armor does. Once I

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