Glock Triggered When Holstered?

Baret Fawbush posted this cautionary tale.

Wanna see something scary? A Zev trigger that depresses when its out into a holster. 🤔 Now in reality, this can happen to any trigger, in theory. But the issue was that the retaining safety pin walked out about 1/8” during shooting. We went to a dry fire portion of the class and the pin had walked out just enough that when it had rubbed against the tight tolerance of his kydex holster, it depresses the trigger. Praise God for the students awareness and making sure the pistol was seated each time during his reps. Here are some lessons: 1) watch the gun go back into the holster. To ensure the weapon is seated and there’s no garment that could depress the trigger as the weapon is being seated. 2) properly maintain your firearms and inspect them. Doing this every so often will…

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