Greenwood Park Mall Shooting Destroys Gun Control Narrative Exercising Constitutional Carry

Constitutional Carry

This one story just destroyed the entire Gun Control Narrative.

Constitutional carry or Permit-less carry became legal in Indiana on July 1st, this shooting took place on July 17th, and Eli didn’t have a concealed carry permit; he was carrying based on the constitutional carry law that Indiana passed 17 days ago.

If not for Indiana making it easier for good people to carry firearms for protection, Eli likely wouldn’t have been carrying that day, and many people would have died.

This law allowed a citizen to keep other citizens safe because law enforcement couldn’t get there in time to stop the attack.

Greenwood park mall, where this shooting happened, is a gun-free zone, and it didn’t stop the shooter from bringing his gun in to kill a bunch of people.

If Eli had obeyed the no-gun policy at the Mall, the shooter would have killed way more people.

And no, Eli did not break the law by ignoring the no-gun policy.

In Indiana, it’s not against the law to ignore a “no firearms” sign at a private business; you may commit criminal trespass for entering a business after you have been denied entry or have been asked to leave.

The House is trying to pass a bill that would limit law-abiding citizens to only having ten bullets in their gun.

It took Eli Ten shots to stop the shooters.

Imagine if Eli was limited to 10 rounds, and he needed one more shot to stop the shooter.

This would be a very different story.

There is no evidence that 10 rounds make us safer; it’s literally an arbitrary number.

New York, at one point, tried to pass a law that limited people to 7 rounds in their gun.

Magazine limitation laws hurt the good people while empowering the bad. Criminals don’t care about magazine limitation laws.

If mass shooters want a gunfight, they know exactly where to go.

Instead, they go to places where people are most defenseless.

You don’t stop mass shooters with laws; you stop them by removing their motivation.

It’s hard to kill a lot of people when those people are shooting back at you.

Cops with guns can’t be everywhere, but you can have a gun everywhere you are when you exercise your Right to Keep and Bear arms, just like the Second Amendment intended.

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