Half EMPTY Planes & Biden BOTCHES Evacuation Plan for Americans | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 847

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Reports are coming out that the Biden administration told Americans in Afghanistan that they must pay $2,000 to evacuate from the Kabul airport. Even though federal law requires payment from evacuees, the Biden administration said in a statement that they won’t charge Americans leaving Afghanistan. The Taliban now has control over aircrafts and thousands of weapons to include high-tech equipment that was funded by the U.S. government. Is President Biden aware? As evacuations continue in Kabul, reports say that flights leaving the airport are below full capacity. Is the Taliban blocking the evacuation efforts? The U.K. Parliament held President Biden in contempt for his decision to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan and PM Boris Johnson was trying to get a hold of Biden for almost 40 hours. Is the Biden administration losing respect from other world leaders? The site, OnlyFans, will ban sexual-explicit material and content creators aren’t happy about this.

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