HK PSA – Palmetto State Armory Building $800 MP5s?

Nothing gets shooters and collectors salivating more than the lure of affordable HK clones. With build materials alone running close to the $1500 mark, quality complete roller lock guns start at $2K and go up from there. Could these Palmetto State Armory MP5 clones open up the classic sub gun to a whole new demographic of shooters who were previously unable (or unwilling) to pay $3,000 for an HK build? Maybe.

Price guesses on the PSA MP5s have come in as low as $800, however, I will speculate that a pistol version of an MP5 clone from Palmetto State will run buyers about $1,600. Not inexpensive by any means, but knocking on the door of an “entry level” roller locking clone. There is an emotional decision-making process to buying guns, especially when you’re investing a small fortune in an iconic design. Hit a certain ceiling, and most people will just refuse to

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