How Adam Savage Built A Real Iron Man Suit

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Welcome back, Richest fans! Ever since the superheroes burst onto the scene, they’ve left a massive mark on pop culture. Since their rise to popularity, the question of, “what would life be like with real-life superheroes?” has been pondered many times. Well, we’ve moved a step closer to finding out! All thanks to Adam Savage and Richard Browning who took inspiration from Marvel. They built their own Iron Man armour from the MCU! It can even fly with the aid of Gravity’s Jet Suit! Today, we’re going to explore this incredible story. As well as how much money the project cost. On top of this, we’ll look at some of the suits available to purchase at the moment!

Now for the spoiler paragraph. If you like surprises, we suggest you stop reading and watch the video multiple times. Firstly, we’ll go over how the idea came about when Savage was at the Colorado School of Mines. We’ll then look at how the team made Tony Stark’s armour. Such as using an EOS 3D metal printer! We’ll also look at the co-host of the show, MythBusters, in detail. We’ll then look at the suit’s features such as it being bulletproof and how well it can fly with a jetpack! We’ll then look at another armour available for purchase that could perhaps get you into the Avengers as well. It even comes with a voice-controlled mask! Finally, we’ll see just how much money it takes to be Tony Stark!

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