How Elon Musk’s Invented His Own School

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Elon Musk is building his very own school, and he’s inventing it from scratch! From the founder of Tesla, Space Ex, PayPal, and the Boring Company – he’s reinventing the wheel, and with everything that’s going on right now – and it’s open even to YOUR kids!

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“Less paperwork. More thinking.”

That’s the motto of billionaire Elon Musk’s revolutionary new school system. Astra Nova has taken the traditional education model, torn it up into a thousand pieces, and thrown it out the window.

What started as a means of keeping the children of SpaceX employees occupied has grown into a groundbreaking way of thinking, one which will save American students millions of dollars before too long.

Kids will spend almost 15000 hours immersed within their classroom walls. Wouldn’t you rather Elon Musk be their teacher?

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