How Floyd Mayweather Spent Half A Billion Dollars!

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Floyd Mayweather is known as one of the world’s best boxers in history! He’s also worth over half a billion US dollars, and he’s known for carrying around millions in cash, private jets, and incredible super cars!

In the world of professional boxing, undefeated is a big deal. And we mean, a hugely rare and REALLY big deal. Sure, many people have impressive and incredibly decorated careers throughout the history of the sport, but when you go, oh let’s say, fifty and zero, you’re something special. And people are going to pay to see you fight, and you are going to make quite a hefty bankroll. This is exactly the case with none other than Mr. Floyd Mayweather, who also happens to go by the nickname “money” from not only his friends, but the press. And the nickname is well earned, because Floyd has earned a total of more than one billion dollars over the course of his career, and currently, he is worth an estimated $600 million dollars, or possibly even more. But just how did he make all this incredible wealth? And more important than that, how does he spend all that money? We got you right here. Because today, we are taking a look at the incredible and extravagant lifestyle of Floyd “money” Mayweather, and discussing all the wondrous and extra things he will spend his fortune on. From private jets, to mansions that certainly qualify as palaces, to his collection of over one hundred cars, to one of his favorite watches aptly nicknamed “The Billionaire Watch”, we’re looking at all of it, and discussing just how much all this stuff costs. Because if you are one of the richest, you can bet you will be discussed right here, on The Richest.

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