How Joe Rogan Blew $100 Million!

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Joe Rogan is by far the most popular podcaster in the world. The Joe Rogan Experience has made Rogan incredibly wealthy, and he has a net worth of about $100 million. Rogan recently signed a massive deal to make the Joe Rogan Experience exclusive to Spotify. The $100 million contract will make him even richer. Rogan became a podcasting giant after starring in sitcoms and performing stand up. The former Fear Factor host still works as a commentator for UFC, but the majority of his wealth comes from his podcast. If you watch the podcast on YouTube, you will see Rogan interview the likes of Elon Musk, Bernie Sanders, Robert Downey Jr., and many other celebrities and scientists. The Joe Rogan Experience is downloaded about 190 million times per month and can make as much as $200,000 per episode. The podcast earned Rogan $30 million from in 2019, and he has spent his millions on muscle cars and sports cars, hunting trips, amazing mansions, and incredible work out equipment. Rogan’s car collection includes a Plymouth Barracuda and a Corvette Stingray, as well as a Tesla that he bought after he interviewed Elon Musk. He travels to Utah to hunt elk and has made elk meat a regular part of his keto diet. Rogan’s luxurious Bell Canyon mansion features a home gym equipped with expensive and high-quality exercise equipment. The gym is packed with Rogue fitness equipment and Onnit weights. Here’s a detailed look at how Joe Rogan made and spent $100 million.

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