How The FBI Caught The First Internet Hacker

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Robert Morris was the computer hacker who wrote the infamous “Morris Worm” which stumped the CIA, NSA, FBI all together. This was the first cyber crime attack in history, and here’s how the FBI caught him.

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In the span of just 24 hours, Robert Morris’ cyber worm had rendered 10% of the entire internet completely useless. It slowed servers, tore down chains of communications, and sent the FBI into a tailspin.

32 years on, his diabolical creation is still considered the first and the most eye-opening hack in computing history. The Morris Worm, as it’s since become known, caused millions of dollars worth of damage, paving the way for a new type of warfare – one that would transfix the FBI, NSA, and CIA for decades: cyberwarfare.

Without a young Morris experimenting with coding, cyberhacking would have failed to get to where it is today. So what exactly was this worm? How did it operate? Who did it target? And most importantly, how did the lone wolf hacker get caught? Time to find out…

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