How These Defensive Gun Uses Could Land You In Prison

Defensive Gun Use

There is a thin line when using your gun in self-defense between justified and unjustified homicide.

I went to USCCA’s Proving Grounds, where they put me through realistic scenario-based training where I would likely use my gun in self-defense.

After going through these intense scenarios, I sat with a former state prosecutor to discuss the thin line between justified & unjustified homicide.

However, as important as the gun is when it comes to self-defense, it’s also about the training and ensuring you’re prepared.

That’s why I’m a USCCA member.

It’s an easy way to cover all my bases if I ever had to use my gun in self-defense.

I could find myself in a costly legal case to prove that using my gun was justified.

The beautiful thing about a USCCA membership is that you don’t just get self-defense insurance; you also get access to their treasure trove of education and training programs.

So if you’re interested in learning more about USSCA AND getting a few special free bonuses, click this link!

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00:00 Scenario-Based Defensive Gun Use Training
00:18 Scenario 1 Defensive Gun Use
01:45 Scenario 1 Breakdown With State Prosecutor
07:57 Scenario 2 Defensive Gun Use
08:44 Scenario 2 Breakdown With State Prosecutor

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