Hungarian MINIMAX 9 Pocket Pistol

This odd-looking gadget is a Hungarian pocket pistol made in the mid-’80s. It is called Minimax 9 with the digit indicating its caliber – 9mm. It was designed to be chambered in various 9mm calibers including the 9x19mm Luger, 9x17mm (.380 auto) and 9x18mm. It was fed from a 4-round non-detachable magazine. This was a manual repeater, not a semi-auto pistol.

Instead of conventional spiral riflings, Minimax 9 had straight ones. It means that no spin was imparted to the projectile and it was not stabilized. It was done deliberately to make the bullet tumble and have a better terminal performance at close ranges. Judging by that design feature, one can expect that it was supposed to be used at extreme close range distances of a couple of yards or so. If so, then why didn’t they make it smoothbore? What is the reason to have riflings that are not going to spin stabilize…

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