Illegal Alien Invasion: Why Won’t Biden END the Border CRISIS? | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 827

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McAllen, Texas, is not able to keep up with the number of illegal immigrants being released by the overwhelmed Border Patrol agents. Bus companies at the Central Station bus terminal are making about six daily trips and each bus seats 250 people. The Texas border town is so packed that they don’t have enough buses for all the people coming to America. On top of the full buses, ICE officials confirmed that about a third of the illegal immigrants are refusing the COVID-19 vaccine. When is the Biden administration going to declare the border situation as a crisis? County officials in Michigan are in HOT water after voting and awarding COVID relief money to themselves as bonuses under the classification of “hazard pay.” Weird response by President Biden after he was asked if Democrats support defunding the police. Ronny Jackson, Obama’s former doctor, predicts that President Biden will resign “in the near future.”

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