Inside Finland’s $130 Million Wooden City

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Finland has officially spent over $130 million dollars building an entire city made completely out of wood! This is one of the world’s greatest engineering feats, in terms of eco and environmentally friendly.

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“Stronger than steel and lighter than concrete” — you’d never expect those words to be used to describe wood, but in Finland, that’s exactly what’s happening at this very moment.

The city of Helsinki is already known for its diverse construction and design; yet one new, revolutionary project is capturing not only the nation’s attention, but the attention of the entire architecture world.

Helsinki is constructing its very own region, made entirely of timber. Backed by never-before-seen, cutting-edge technology, this groundbreaking project is literally taking timber to new heights – and it’s far easier, cheaper, and visually appealing than we’d ever expect. What will it look like? And what happens if history repeats itself, with fire rages through the area?

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