Inside King Tut’s $1Billion Dollar Tomb

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There are many treasures hidden within the tomb of Egypt’s young pharaoh, King Tutankhamun. The legendary tomb was first discovered by Howard Carter in 1922 in ‘The Valley of the Kings’, and since its discovery over 5,000 items have been removed from the burial site and exhibited all around the world. These priceless pieces of history have been insured for almost a billion dollars as they travel the planet. But what did King Tut’s tomb look like before humans got to it– when Howard Carter first discovered one of the most valuable finds in all of human history?

Let’s take a tour of the legendary tomb just as it was when Carter first stepped foot into the passageway that would lead him to King Tut’s final resting place. Inside we’ll find gold chariots, thrones, secret doors, lavish oils, priceless jewels, statues galore and even perfectly preserved organs. We’ll also explore the sarcophagus of the young boy-king, which is encased in more than $3 million worth of gold. And we definitely can’t forget about the last room in the tomb– his treasury, overflowing with valuable goods that were meant to follow him into the afterlife. Now all of King Tut’s treasures will be on display at the Grand Egyptian Museum– a $1 billion building. But before we go visiting exhibits, let’s enjoy all these hidden secrets and buried treasure the way they were originally placed to help the pharaoh on his journey. Let’s explore the legendary tomb of King Tut.

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00:42 The Passage
01:34 The Antechamber
02:56 The Annex
03:42 The Burial Chamber
04:23 The Treasury”

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