Interview With Store Owner Who Shot Robbers Exposes The Failure Of Gun Control

He Shot My Arm Off Interview

The first thing you’ll learn when you take a firearm self-defense course is that situational awareness will put you in a position to win most gun fights.

It wasn’t that he was such a fantastic shot that saved him; he had situational awareness and a tool to deal with the information his situational awareness gave him.

A lot of people in California live in a fantasy world.

They think they can virtue signal their way out of problems.

Criminals don’t care about your virtue signal; they thrive on it!

They understand how naive it makes you and thus makes their job so much easier. All these virtue signaling policies do is embolden criminals.

Reality also doesn’t care about your virtue signal.

You can make all the gun laws you want; criminals will still have guns, and they’ll use those guns to victimize you, and the cops won’t be able to get there in time to do anything about it.

This means you are the only person responsible for your safety.

That’s the reality of using your gun in self-defense.

You carry a gun because you value life so much that you want to protect it; the paradox is that sometimes people will force you to take a life to defend it.

That comes with a massive amount of stress.

That’s not even factoring in the added stress and money that comes from situations where you have to go to court to defend yourself if there isn’t any video to make it clear that it was justified.

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