Introducing Tesla’s Military Cybertruck

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Elon Musk is looking more and more like the real life Iron Man as his newest Tesla invention, the Cybertruck, ready in 2021, is now being outfitted for the US military!

The countdown to the release of the highly anticipated Cybertruck in on. Fans around the world can’t wait to own the Cybertruck, but this monster of an electric vehicle could be used for so much more than just everyday driving and trips to the grocery store. The Cybertruck will likely be used by all factions of the US military, and it very likely will be commonplace in police fleets around the world. A military Cybertruck could be an armored fighting vehicle, troop transport vehicle, a black ops stealth vehicle, an armored tank, or so much more. The Cybertruck could be outfitted with all sorts of additions for military use such as a laser cannon, counterdrone system, drone surveillance system, and even a machine gun. The possibilities are endless and engineers are already thinking of ways to use the Cybertruck in the Army. You’ll likely see the Cybertruck used by the Coast Guard, Border Patrol, and even first responders. Police forces from North America to Dubai have already shown interest in the Tesla Cybertruck, and some police forces have even placed massive pre-orders for this behemoth. Here’s a deep dive look at some of the ways the cybertruck could be used for military applications, and a detailed look at some of the add-ons a military Cybertruck could feature.. You might be surprised to learn how versatile the Cybertruck is compared to other vehicles. Take a look at the many innovative ways the Cybertruck can be used. Sit back and enjoy Tesla fans!

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