Joe Biden Now Wants To Limit Your Self-Defense Ammo Based On Recreational Justification

Joe Biden Magazine Ban

Recently Biden Tweeted this:

“It’s time for Congress to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.
There’s no possible recreational justification for having a 100-round magazine.”

Brandon, if there was no justification for “high-capacity magazines”, why does your secret use them to protect your life?

There’s no set number for what is considered high capacity, and because there is no set number, that means Joe Biden can come up with whatever number he wants and call it high capacity.

Think about it. He says there is no possible recreational justification for having a 100-round magazine, yet in the assault weapon ban bill that he won’t shut up about, they consider anything over 10 rounds high capacity, and he recently stated he doesn’t want you to have over 8 rounds.

How did we go from 100 rounds being the high capacity to 11 or 9 rounds being the high capacity?

That’s ridiculously arbitrary.

There is no consistency because they consider any gun with any amount of bullets that are in the hands of a civilian to be high capacity.

I also find it funny that Joe Biden says there’s no recreational justification for having a 100-round magazine.

Where does it say in the second amendment that you need a recreational justification?

I’ll save you the reading; it doesn’t. It simply says shall not be infringed.

I find it odd that he said Recreational justification versus Self-Defense justification, which is way more important if you ask me.

No one who has ever had to use a gun to defend their life said they wished they had fewer bullets in their guns.

On the contrary, people are always looking for ways to have as many bullets as possible in their guns, not less, and the reason for this is that we don’t know what we will be faced with if the day comes that we have to use our guns to save our lives.

Joe Biden can’t tell me that if I’m ever attacked, it’ll only 1 person or 2 people or that I’ll only need one or 5 rounds to defend myself.

He doesn’t want anyone thinking about a high-capacity magazine from a self-defense perspective.

He wants people only to see more than 8 round magazines as a tool used to murder, not a tool used to help save a life.

Biden, Self-defense is the only justification I need for a 100-round magazine.

Actually, I take that back; the Constitution is the only justification I need for a 100-round magazine, so do us and the rest of the country a favor and Go back to sleep and stop trying to play with our rights.

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