Joy Behar’s Ignorant Claim Laws Will Change ‘When Black People Get Guns’

Joy Behar hen Black People Get Guns

This isn’t the first time I heard someone in the media claim that laws will change ”When Black People Get Guns”.

In 1967 about 30 black panthers walked into the California state capitol building carrying rifles and shotguns to protest the Mulford Act. Many people think the Mulford act was passed to take guns away exclusively from the black panthers.

In 2020 I did a video on the Mulford act where I provided full context behind why it was crafted from the mouth of Mulford himself.

I disagree with the Mulford act on 2a principles alone.

Whether you believe the Mulford act was racially motivated or not is your decision based on the information you have and what I just gave you.

On its face, Joy Behar’s statement was ambiguously racist!

But what’s ironic is that she doesn’t even realize that her statement, if true, is the exact reason why Black people should not only be exercising their second amendment right.

I Am the Militia


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