You are currently viewing LIVE! N3 PRIME TIME! The News You Need Right Now

LIVE! N3 PRIME TIME! The News You Need Right Now

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In this riveting edition of N3 Prime Time, we delve deep into the core of current events shaking
the nation. From unexpected indictments surrounding the 2020 Georgia election to CNN’s strategic reshuffling amidst its challenges, we bring you unbiased and detailed insights. We also explore the Biden administration’s recent economic proposals and their ramifications, while also addressing their handling of the Maui fire tragedy. Furthermore, we cast our eyes on Mike Lindell’s ambitious initiative aiming to secure future U.S. elections. Join Gary Franchi as he navigates through these narratives, ensuring you stay informed and empowered. A special thanks to Angie for her crucial news briefs. Don’t forget to engage in the live chat and share your thoughts. And as always, remember to stay curious and question more.

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