Look Inside the 1873 Colt Single Action Revolver ~ VIDEO

By Lars Dalseide

1873 Colt Single Action Revolver cutaway on display at the National Firearms Museum Lars Dalseide

Fairfax, Virginia –  -(Ammoland.com)-  Colt’s 1873 Single Action is one of the most iconic firearms of the American West. Solid, reliable, classic.

While most have eew-ed and aah-ed over the singular simplicity of the revolver, few have bothered to worry or wonder what makes it work. But if you were running the general store back in the day, you’d wonder quite a bit. That’s why they came up with cutaways display guns.

“You’ll see this done on almost any gun from the 1850s up to through the 1940s,” said National Firearms Museum Senior Curator Philip Schreier. “That way the salesman could show a proprietor why his gun was better than the competition’s.”

1873 Colt Single Action Revolver Cutaway

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It started off just the same as any other gun. A…

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