Machined Brass Cases? RCC Brass does it

If you are a precision rifle shooter, there should be very few reasons that shooters should have to pay over several dollars for a single piece of unfired brass. Unless you are a reloader that is. One of the really neat niches that I came across at SHOT 2018 was a company called RCC Brass based in Amarillo, Texas. RCC Brass machines cartridges from brass, instead of the traditional annealing process that shapes typical brass cartridges used throughout the entire world. They do this by taking a cold hammer forged 12-foot brass rod, cutting it to spec, and then machining the pieces of brass into the contours and specifications of whatever cartridge is required. One of the advantages is that there is no annealing that takes place throughout this entire process or is needed during the course of reloading the fired cartridges.

An unfired and unloaded cartridge from

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