Man prosecuted for 3D printing illegal firearms and bullets

A man in Sweden has been prosecuted for 3D printing illegal firearms

With a help of a 3D printer, he manufactured two illegal firearms and accessories in plastic.

In July 2017, the Police did a house search based on that there should be illegal firearms at the man’s address. They were right.

The Police found a possibly drug-affected man in his 30’s and a variety of illegal firearms.

The firearms were two complete 22 centimeter long single-shot pistols, as well as spare parts and three single-shot barrels.

Below: Looks like the prosecuted man printed the “The Liberator”

The Police have done tests with these illegal firearms and they failed to work. Regardless, according to Swedish law, it is illegal to produce or possess the vital parts of a firearm without a proper firearms license.

This is regardless of production method, so 3D printers don’t change anything in the legislation…

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