Man’s Most Impressive Mega Projects

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Super structures have been around since man started to build shelters. These are 10 of the world’s most impressive mega structures!

Humanity has produced some of the most incredible and mind blowing structures out there. Yes, nature can blow our minds with the majesty of Mount Everest, and the glory that is the Grand Canyon, but we gotta hand it to the human race, we can give mother nature a run for her money with some of the things we’ve built and that are featured here in today’s video. We’ve got it all, from the longest bridges ever created, to the longest tunnel ever bored through the Earth, to and entire city that is billed as completely green and eco friendly, to the tallest building ever– that when it’s completed we may need to rename “skyscraper” to SUPER skyscraper. These are truly some of the marvels of human engineering, and they have captured the imagination of all those who have seen them. They remind us what it means to be human in the first place. There is an inherent drive and a certain spark of imagination that allows us to create and build and dream and discover, and it’s been with us since the dawn of man. After all, we have a few items on this list that are older that you probably thought, including the ancient colosseum in Rome. It’s going to be a wild ride as we take a look back, and forward on to the future, and look at these amazing mega projects, all dreamed up by people just like you. Hey, if that doesn’t inspire you to try and do the impossible, we don’t know what will!

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