Maserati Is Launching A HUGE Tesla Rival

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The thing about being King of the Hill is you have to face a lot of challengers. While Tesla is the new kid on the block, they’ve been setting and resetting the standard and they’re set to do that again in 2022 when the Tesla Roadster returns. Though when it does it will face a challenger who has a long and storied history building remarkable cars, though it’s easy to forget they once use to be the Gold Standard. Maserati since the 80s has been bounced around under the thumb of stablemate car brands and has suffered for it, having to slot below Ferrari and in and around Alfa Romeo. While the 21 Century Maseratis have been better looking than the boxy 80s cars, they haven’t delivered on that trident promise. Well, now they’re off the leash, and to prove it they’ve unleashed a 621 hp mid-engine V6 sports car that returns Maserati to its place as a world-beater. Even though they have a revolutionary new engine, the first in house engine for Maserati in decades, Maserati knows where the future lies, and a three-motor BEV will hit the roads just in time to take on the Tesla Roadster. Does it have what it takes? Can the liquid fuel Maserati measure up to its other supercar rivals from Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, and Porsche? Let’s look at the tale of the tape and see.

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