You are currently viewing Matthew McConaughey Wants Gun Owners To Take Responsibility For Criminals Actions

Matthew McConaughey Wants Gun Owners To Take Responsibility For Criminals Actions

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Matthew McConaughey Gun Control

Actor Matthew McConaughey is marketing himself as the “Reasonable Voice” in the gun debate after the Uvalde Shooting. He sat down with ABC News for a conversation about gun control, and I’ve got to say, a lot of what he’s saying is insidiously deceptive.

When they talk about “nothing getting done,” it’s a slick way of saying “More Gun Control.”

Mathew McConaughey wants to change “Gun Control” to “Gun Responsibility” but no matter what words you use, it still means more gun restrictions on law-abiding citizens.

McConaughey may think he’s doing something new, but the gun control lobby has been using soft language for years. They know it’s a way to feed uninformed voters poison, making them swallow their agenda without realizing it.

Matthew, I appreciate your passion, but you need to have a real conversation with the gun community. Don’t just talk to left-leaning media or politicians who don’t care about our Second Amendment rights. Come to us, hear our voices, and let’s find real solutions together.

I’m not doubting your intentions, but we need actions, not just words. Until you engage with the gun community and listen to our concerns, it’s all just an act.

Let’s have an honest discussion and work together to find real solutions for a safer America. Join me in this important conversation by hitting that play button now!

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