MAXIM Defense Universal PCC BCG & PDW Stocks- Big 3 East

You may know of Maxim Defense and their PDW stocks/braces. Well they are getting into the PCC bandwagon. Maxim Defense joined up with Tresna. Jose Jaureguizar of Tresna is now working for Maxim Defense. The Universal BCG is his brainchild.

The undercut rail makes it compatible with Glock, Colt, Walther, Beretta, S&W, and MP5 magazines.

The BCG weighs 13.8 oz and compatible with JP Silent Capture spring. If you want, there is an additional weight that you can add to the back of the Universal BCG to make the overall weight 15.5 oz.

The rear of the BCG has Mil-Spec dimensions to make it compatible with the LAW Tactical folding adapter. According to Maxim this is the only 9mm BCG that can do this.  There are ways to modify an existing 9mm BCG but that reduces the weight.

Of course Maxim Defense brought out a variety of guns…

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