Meet the G11 Caseless Assault Rifle: Germany’s Fallen Might-Have-Been

In the world of “might-have-been” small arms, a world of .276 Garands and NATO-standard EM-2s, none flew so high nor fell so far as the Heckler & Koch G11 caseless hyperburst assault rifle. Designed to out-match any contemporary small arm in a Cold War shootout across Central Europe, the G11 combined the aesthetics of a scifi plasma rifle with complexity of a Swiss watch. The result was a bullpup caseless wunderwaffe with a 2,000 round per minute hyperburst setting, and a price tag that, as the joke goes, compared unfavorably with reconstructing East Germany.

Over at the Historical Firearms blog, fellow TFB contributor Matthew Moss takes an introductory look at the West German Caseless Wundergewehr, with both a video overview of not one, but two different late-model G11s, as well as a companion article. The article you can read here, while the video is embedded below:

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