Molot Releases the Multi-Caliber Vepr Rifle (VPO-302)

Last year we reported about the Molot’s plans of making a multi-caliber AK with a quick change barrel feature. Our article was based on the sneak peek images published by the Kalashnikov Gun Magazine. Recently Molot has released a video review of this rifle revealing more features and explaining some of the earlier teased ones.

The new rifle is designated as VPO-302 (ВПО-302). As in the case of other Vepr rifles, it is based on an RPK receiver which has a beefier front trunnion and a bulged receiver to house it. The rifle comes with three barrels chambered in 7.62x39mm, 6.5mm Grendel, and .366 TKM. Each caliber option has different barrel lengths – 350mm (14″), 420mm (14.5″) and 520mm (20.5″) respectively. The barrels are made by cold hammer forging and feature chrome lined chambers. The gas blocks are also chrome lined. The twist rates of the barrels are 1:9.45″ for the 7.62x39mm

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