Montenegrin TARA TM-4 Assault Rifle

Several days ago we wrote about the TM-9 pistol of a Montenegrin company called TARA. In this article, we’ll take a brief look at an AR-15 style rifle made by the same company. The rifle is called TARA TM-4. Although being based on the AR-15, it has some differences and improvements. Let’s take a look.

Images by TARA

One of the most significant differences is that the TM-4 has a steel reinforced polymer lower receiver. The pistol grip is integrated with the lower receiver and has a storage compartment. The company claims to achieve about 30% of weight reduction compared to the aluminum receiver. The trigger guard is also enlarged to allow easier use with gloved hands. The magazine release button and safety selector lever are ambidextrous. Safety selector has safe, single shot and full-auto positions, however, the manufacturer also offers a 3-shot burst setting as an option.

Another difference from…

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