More Sea Monsters Scarier Than Megalodon

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The megalodon shark is one of the ocean’s most ferocious predators of all time, but did you know there are more sea monsters that’re much scarier!?

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For millions of years, Megalodon was king of the ocean – nothing could get in its way. It could bite its razor sharp teeth down with as much deadly force as a tyrannosaurus rex, and it stretched longer than a modern-day school bus. Its reputation was as frightening as any other animal in history, however, reputation and reality don’t always line up.

If we take a closer look, a number of other deep-sea demons could take down the former apex predator. From enormous whales to 60-foot reptiles capable of taking down anything in its path, to ancient dinosaurs, and modern sharks with a thirst for vengeance, as you’re about to see, Megalodon had a number of formidable opponents.

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