Most Expensive Crash Tests Ever

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Ever been fascinated with how safety tests are actually done? Well – what about how you safety test a tank!? or a plane!? What about high end super cars – do they really wreck million dollar ferrari’s !?

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Would you buy a car if it didn’t have a 5-star rating? Would you settle for 4?

The thought of deliberately destroying a $2 million supercar is enough to make any motor enthusiast shed a tear. But, in the name of safety, these crash tests are paramount – and drivers wouldn’t have it any other way.

If saving human lives comes at the cost of a few wasted Lamborghinis and shredded Bugattis, then so be it. Using a combination of simulation software, actual sledgehammers, and of course, the full-speed driving-into-a-wall test; car, plane, train, and military manufacturers all over the world put their products through grueling tests to ensure that they’re ready to head out onto the road or the battlefield.

It results in millions of dollars thrown down the drain every single year.

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