You are currently viewing N3 Primetime:Feinstein’s Health, Biden Web, Oakland’s Crisis & More!

N3 Primetime:Feinstein’s Health, Biden Web, Oakland’s Crisis & More!

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Welcome to tonight’s show where we dive deep into the headlines shaping America’s discourse. We unpack Senator Dianne Feinstein’s recent health scares and the debate it sparks about lifelong political careers. The mysterious web of the Biden family’s financial transactions comes to light, exposing a potential quid pro quo. A heart-wrenching testimony from a Gold Star mother questions President Biden’s sincerity, while Oakland’s unconventional police directive raises eyebrows nationwide. And as the southern Texas border grows increasingly turbulent, we question the administration’s silence. Plus, don’t miss our popular segments, ‘PRIME TWEETS’ and ‘Looking at You.’ Subscribe now to stay updated on conservative insights and analysis.


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