National Handgun Bans in Canada Won’t Make A Difference

Canada Gun Rights

In 2020 Winnipeg Police Const. Rob Carver spoke about gun laws and alleged a large number of handguns seized are in possession of people with no legal right to own them and a national handgun ban would not make “any difference.”

People need to understand that the only way to prevent criminals from getting guns is to make all guns disappear.

Anyone with a brain knows that this is impossible. But people think that if they make legal gun ownership hard it’ll also make illegal gun ownership harder.

This is stupid because criminals don’t get their guns legally Law-abiding citizens do and they’re not the ones shooting people.

This is like removing the teeth of sheep because a wolf is using his teeth to kill sheep.

The wolf still has its teeth and the sheep are now even more defenseless.

This is moronic if not depressingly comical.

The Criminals are laughing at us because we’re too shortsighted to see this.

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