NEW: Gunsmith your 1911 Confidently in ERGO’s MAST – Modular Armorer’s Stand

Most firearm enthusiasts enjoy being shade-tree mechanics of their firearms. There is a sense of satisfaction building your own firearm or even modifying one to your personal tastes. To cater to that segment of shooters ERGO created the MAST (Modular Armorer’s Stand). A simple, but useful platform to hold your pistol while you do your DIY gunsmithing. Likely the most modified and readily available pistol for aftermarket parts is your basic Glock. With that knowledge, that was an obvious first choice for ERGO to introduce their MAST for.

But how about a 2nd module for the MAST?… Well, ERGO decided upon the historic model 1911!

The MAST now available for 1911s will fit any Colt 1911, similar clones and even smaller Officer models (traditional 3″ pistols). For only a MAST module, the plastic pole that inserts into the mag well of the pistol, the MSRP is $19.99 a unit. If you…

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