New: TROY Side Action Rifles

Troy Industries are releasing some new side action rifles (SAR), developed for precision-based shooting in a rugged, reliable and light-weight package. The SAR rifles are 50-State Legal for hunting and target shooting. The stock is billet machined and is foldable to the left, collapsing the total length for transportation.

I know a lot of people, most actually, who say a manual rifle like this makes no sense. Well perhaps if you can own semi-autos without problems that is understandable, but having shot the Troy PAR (think manual action AR15) extensively it’s actually a great, very accurate rifle and the shooting is a lot of fun, even in 3Gun and IPSC practical shooting (as long as you compete with similar rifles!).

You would be amazed how fast you can shoot a Troy PAR, my stage time is usually the same as or similar to the semi-autos in the Open division. Long…

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