New York Enacts Ridiculous New Gun Laws In Response To Supreme Court Ruling

NYSRPA v. Bruen Response

In response to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that determined sections of New York’s concealed carry statute were unconstitutional, Democrats in the New York State Legislature on Friday passed a slew of new restrictions affecting legal gun owners.

There is an extensive list of hurdles including having applicants disclose their current and past social media accounts so the licensing officer could review them to see if anything the applicant may have posted would, in the mind of the licensing officer, be objectionable and disqualify the applicant.

If an applicant clears all of the hurdles involved in obtaining a concealed carry permit, they would have to be aware of an extensive list of places where it would still be illegal for them to be armed.

They include government buildings, schools, colleges and universities, medical facilities, churches, libraries, and entertainment venues such as libraries, theaters, arenas, and stadiums.

Legal gun owners with concealed carry permits would also be prohibited from carrying in a park, on a playground, at a polling place, at a parade or a protest, or while using public transit.

They also could not carry while in a bar, or even in a restaurant that serves alcohol.

In fact, under the new laws, they couldn’t enter any private business or property with a legally registered gun, unless that business or property owner posted a sign which says they can. And even if they mistakenly carry someplace they shouldn’t, they could be charged with a felony where, if convicted, they would lose their constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

While it’s long been established in the state’s law that a felony record bars an individual from legally purchasing or processing a firearm, the new law would add several misdemeanors to the category of infractions that would disqualify an individual from owning a gun.

This isn’t even all of it!

These people are not trying to protect you they’re trying to control you and protect their power.

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