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Newsom Attacks 2nd Amendment with 28th Amendment

Stop scrolling! We have some breaking news! California Governor Gavin Newsom’s proposed 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution aims to nullify the 2nd Amendment. While Newsom claims it is meant to be about “common-sense gun safety measures”, this proposal has major ramifications and limits citizens’ right to bear arms. The minimum age to purchase a firearm would be increased from 18 to 21, there would be universal background checks, a waiting period for gun purchases, and a ban on civilian purchases of certain firearms. Newsom’s call for a constitutional convention is an attempt to bypass the traditional legislative process and impose his agenda on American citizens. This proposal is not about gun safety; it is an attempt to undermine our constitutional rights. Dive deeper and get the whole story at our website. Tap the link in our bio.

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