No Gun Control Would Have Stopped The Allen Texas Mass Shooting, & Here’s Why

Allen Texas Mass Shooting

If your first thought after the Allen Texas Mall mass shooting is to ask for more gun control, you might want to hear me out because this video will explain why that’s misguided.

These so-called polls after mass shootings are misleading because the questions are designed to get the answer that supports gun control. Of course, people are going to say they support laws to reduce gun violence, but creating the assumption that these laws will undoubtedly reduce gun violence is not true.

Background checks and age restrictions wouldn’t have prevented the Allen mass shooting, and the mental health issue isn’t addressed genuinely as I explain in the video.

Let’s be honest, raising the age to buy a gun also wouldn’t have made a difference in this case as the shooter was 33 years old, and the majority of mass shootings are committed by people over 21 years old.

I talk about how this dangerous rhetoric calling anyone who doesn’t support their gun control as accomplices in their crimes is dividing the country and creating an extremist mentality that inevitably leads to these atrocities.

It’s essential to have conversations about how to fix this issue, but it’s challenging when the other side is not willing to listen and only wants to weaponize anyone who doesn’t want their feel good gun control policies.

I talk about how banning certain types of weapons won’t stop mass shootings, as people who are committed to mass murder will find a way.

Don’t let politicians use your fear to get you to give up your ability to protect yourself.

We must protect our right to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Don’t miss out on this important discussion – watch the video now.

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