ORSIS-K15 “Bro” Semi-Auto Rifle Released in Russia

ORSIS has first introduced their semi-auto rifle about a year ago during MILEX-2017 arms exhibition in Belarus. Recently, they have released it to the Russian civilian market. The Russian designation of the rifle is ORSIS-K15 “Брат”. The word “Брат” means “brother”, but they probably decided to make it sound cooler in English naming the rifle ORSIS-K15 “Bro”.

Images from ORSIS.com

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ORSIS-K15 is a gas operated semi-auto rifle chambered in .308 Winchester. The lockup of the action is accomplished by a 2-lug rotating bolt. The rifle is offered either with 16″ or 20″ barrel options. The overall length is 1,208mm (about 47.5″). It is not specified with which barrel length it has the mentioned overall length. The rifle weighs 4.6 kilograms (10 lbs 2 oz) with an empty

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