Outraged UK Mom Blames Guns In The US For 6-Year-Old Shooting Teacher & Wants To Leave America

Richneck Elementary School

The UK does not have zero gun violence. In 2020 and 2021, there were 5,709 firearm offenses recorded by police in England & Wales. (https://bit.ly/3Zr6YRJ)

As a Matter of fact, According to the Guardian, ” Two in three police force areas in England and Wales are experiencing rising gun crime, with one force facing levels six times higher than a decade ago” (https://bit.ly/3GSAIzF)

While she’s pointing fingers at America, asking how a 6-year-old get a gun, how about you take her behind back to the UK since you don’t want to be here and ask them why
Children as young as 7 years old are caught with knives at school in the UK. (https://bit.ly/3IAX1eg)

or why in 2022, the total number of knife crime offenses committed by (10-17)-year-olds in England and Wales was 3,490.

I find it funny when people from the UK criticize American gun culture and act like they’re the shining beacon of the world because they’re subjects to their government.

In contrast, Americans are free citizens of our country.

The founders used their own guns to fight for the very freedom we have here in America to own guns the way we do because we didn’t want to be like the UK.

We chose dangerous freedom; she prefers peaceful oppression.

It’s only peaceful if the oppressors decide to be peaceful, so good luck with that.

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