Panic Buying Bump Fire Stocks is Stupid

Don’t get me wrong. You have the right to pay whatever you want and vendors have the right to charge whatever the traffic will bear. Capitalism is awesome and there is no such thing as price gouging. But it’s beyond foolish to pay inflated prices in anticipation of a ban. There isn’t any likely scenario that plays out where your “investment” pays off.

Let’s say there is a ban. Now you have paid $600 or more to buy a thing that you will have to turn in. But maybe you molon the labe and hide it. Still, you can’t ever use it on the range. What good is it to you to keep this hidden felony?

Perhaps there isn’t an outright ban, but they are added to the NFA registry. Congratulations! Now you get to pay another $200 tax to keep the thing you already own. That is, unless they…

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