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Paul Reveals Gates’ Lethal Fixation

Now for the real news: Senator Rand Paul spills the beans on Bill Gates, suggesting he’s the evil scientist behind the COVID pandemic. Turns out our buddy Bill has been bankrolling dangerous virus research like a mad scientist without his lab coat. What’s the connection between Gates’ trip to China and COVID? That’s for you to guess, Sherlock! Paul highlights the creation of creepy, unnatural viruses in labs, and Gates’ funding obsession. But don’t worry, Fauci and friends share the blame for this Franken-virus fiasco. According to Paul, we’re on the brink of catastrophe as 50% of us could say adios thanks to these lab-made horrors. So, let’s hit the breaks on this deadly research before it’s too late. That’s all I’ve got. Get the rest, tap the link in our bio.

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