Phoenix Weaponry Integrally Suppressed Rifle Chambered in .338-06 A-Square

Phoenix Weaponry has introduced a new integrally suppressed bolt action rifle chambered in .338-06 A-Square. Although the rifle is built on a Remington 700 action, the company can build it on other actions too.

.338-06 A-Square cartridge dimensions by Nosler

This rifle comes with a fluted bolt made by the Pacific Tool & Gauge and custom Remington 700 trigger. It also features a 24″ Douglas barrel and a glass bedded Bell and Carlson stock. The rifle is marketed as a hunting one and in order to keep the overall weight down, the company has equipped it with a titanium integral suppressor. The overall weight of the rifle is under 8 lbs (without the scope). Phoenix Weaponry also claims sub-MOA accuracy for this rifle. These are the standard features of the rifle, but it can be further customized. As Phoenix Weaponry says:

While this is a standard rifle, we will be

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