Picra HUMBUK-05 Acoustical Weapon

About a month ago we talked about the PICRA family of cartridges. As I mentioned in that article, this Czech company makes not only ammunition but also competition pistols and revolvers, hunting rifles and unusual weapons like net guns and blank firing guns that the manufacturer calls acoustical weapons. In this article, we’ll take a quick look at the Picra’s acoustical gun.

The model designation of Picra’s acoustical weapon is HUMBUK-05. It is a blank firing firearm specifically designed for use in recreations of battles, airshows and theatrical performances. To make a louder gunfire simulation, this weapon has a built-in mechanism that amplifies the sound of the fired blank cartridge. The gun itself feeds from a cylinder – like a giant revolver. It is possible to equip it with 30 or 60 round magazines/cylinders.

Note the electric motor attached to the rear portion of the receiver. It allows to remotely control this firearm.


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