Pointless Inventions You Won’t Believe Are Real

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Some inventions just shouldn’t be made. They’re completely useless, from cars to planes, they just no real purpose and should be considered complete fails. You won’t believe people really made these.

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For every incredible vehicle that’s come off the production line, countless others were forced to wait in the wings, shielded from the spotlight due to the embarrassment they caused their developers.

From a failed plane designed to fly like a bird, to a car that was appropriately named ‘The Electric Egg’, as you’re about to see, in the 1900s and early 2000s, absolutely nothing was off limits. The result? Some of the smallest, shortest, fattest, and downright ugliest vehicles ever made (that’s IF they even made it off the production line in the first place).

Sometimes manufacturers got it right – just look at the Bugatti Chiron and Porsche 911. Other times, they got it very, very, very wrong, costing companies and governments tens of millions of dollars, and ruining reputations for the long run.

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