“Protesters” Kettled By Portland Police After “Peaceful Protest” In Downtown Portland Oregon

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On Friday, March 12th, AntiFa marched through Portland Oregon smashing windows and graffitiing businesses. Portland Police brought about a previously used and outlawed tactic of Kettling. Kettling is where law enforcement surrounds a group of people marching through the streets by establishing a police line in front of the group when they are halfway down a block, and then establishing a police line behind the group to prevent any escape. They then, one by one, demask each person and make them provide ID before being released. Back in 2016, I was picked up during a Kettle like this and was detained for hours on a city bus, handcuffed, before I was processed and eventually released because I was press. None of the people on this day were held in restraints as they were waiting to be recorded and then released. This is why I believe the action that they took this day was lawful.

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