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Q&A 26: SHOT Show and More

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More Q&A! No specific theme this time, but a combination of SHOT Show news, what-ifs, and some specific questions about me…

0:00:34 – SHOT Show Report
0:05:22 – 1895 Lee Navy destructive testing
0:07:40 – Opinion on the L85A2
0:09:25 – How did NATO adopt the 5.56x45mm?
0:11:32 – Cold War small arms: West vs Warsaw
0:13:38 – Flitelite belt-fed AR
0:15:21 – Fashion and art in guns
0:17:08 – Gun gadgets – folding Glocks, digital displays, etc
0:19:20 – Favorite gun from Project Lightening
0:20:21 – Why not more AK-based rifle designs
0:23:09 – The 9x39mm AK on the US market
0:26:16 – Aimpoint P1 ACRO
0:29:01 – Weird Lebel variations
0:31:12 – Why did Browning design semi-rimmed cartridges?
0:33:40 – Match gear: original or reproduction?
0:35:40 – Collections, factories, or museums with pre-CNC machine tools
0:38:35 – Better to keep or restore sporterized guns?
0:41:25 – What if the US had adopted the M1 in .276 Pedersen?
0:43:05 – Guns that are unintuitive to disassemble
0:43:57 – Imports of SSD reproduction guns form Germany
0:47:34 – Historical reenacting
0:49:24 – Cost and practicality of semiautomatic bolt rifle conversions
0:51:20 – VZ58 upgrades
0:52:05 – How do WWII submachine guns hold up compared to modern ones?
0:53:02 – Armament for powered exoskeletons
0:55:02 – Was the Lebel in use in the 1940 Battle of France?
0:56:31 – The US and military shotguns
0:57:37 – Specific tactics for the RSC and Chauchat in WW1
0:59:38 – Pro and con of 7.5mm Berthier and Lebel conversions
1:01:30 – What is the M16/AR15 had not been adopted?
1:02:24 – What rifle would I choose for the US Army in 1938?
1:05:14 – Is the comped red dot handgun a fad?
1:06:32 – Do I gable in Vegas?
1:07:25 – How did I become interested in gun history and engineering?
1:08:20 – What are my hobbies outside guns?
1:09:40 – What music do I like?
1:10:23 – Besides funding, what would I need to expand Forgotten Weapons?

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